Miami Vice (Mini Series) Teaser 2021 Triangle Of Death

After being targeted and nearly killed, May Ying returns to Miami seeking help from the only person she can trust, her ex husband Marty Castillo. Meanwhile high ranking DEA official Ed Waters is seen setting up an investigation into May Ying and her alleged drug trafficking connections. Drug kingpin Raul Calderon (son of Xavier Calderone) moves up the ranks of Miami‘s criminal underworld and invites Ricardo Cooper to his mansion for business. Gina celebrates her granddaughter’s birthday and Crockett’s old flame Christine Von Marburg is back in Miami.

Song used ”Blood Money (Beau Carter Remix)”

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  1. It's crazy. I just started watching the series YESTERDAY then I see this. I got really excited then really sad.

    I watch that series for the full length, in show music videos of all the greatest hits of the 80s.

  2. I remember watching the first episode of Miami Vice when I was a kid and being blown away. There was just nothing like it on TV at the time and I knew I was watching something special. Also, it wasn't like today when you know everything about a show before it airs. Back then it was TV Guide magazine and that was it.


  4. Here's a piece of TV trivia. Miami Vice was the first primetime show to break the $1 million production budget per episode. Among other things, rights fees for the use of at least two popular songs per episode came at a hefty price.

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