Miami, Florida, United States 8K Ultra HD Cinematic Drone Video

Miami, Florida, United States of America 8K Ultra HD Cinematic Drone Video
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You are invited to relax and to see some of the most beautiful places of Miami, Florida, recorded by drone.
Miami, officially the City of Miami, is a coastal metropolis located in Miami-Dade County in southeastern Florida, United States of America. It is the forty second largest city in the United States. Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade.
Miami is split roughly into north, south, west, and Downtown areas. The heart of the city is Downtown Miami, which is on the eastern side and includes the neighborhoods of Brickell, Virginia Key, Watson Island, as well as Port Miami. Downtown Miami is Florida’s largest and most influential central business district, with many major banks, courthouses, financial headquarters, cultural and tourist attractions, schools, parks, and a large residential population. Brickell Avenue has the largest concentration of international banks in the United States of America.
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In this video you can see famous Miami beach, Fisher island, Brickell neighborhood, downtown Miami, Port Miami, Edgewater neighborhood, Miami Dade boulevard, Ocean drive and many more.
00:00-00:05 Intro
00:06-00:15 Port Of Miami
00:16-00:54 Miami Beach
00:55-01:24 Downtown at night
01:25-01:48 Miami Beach residential areas
01:49-02:23 Fisher island
02:24-02:46 Miami Dade Boulevard
02:47-03:20 Brickell neighborhood
03:21-04:21 Downtown
04:22-05:07 Bal Harbour neighborhood
05:08-05:18 Ocean Place East
05:19-05:54 Bal Harbour marina
05:55-06:06 Key Biscayne
06:07-06:19 Rickenbacker Causeway
06:19-06:33 Venetian islands
06:34-06:45 Miami River
06:46-08:53 Downtown and Brickell buildings at night
08:54-09:14 Edgewater buildings
09:15-09:26 Biscayne bay
09:27-10:19 Downtown and Brickell buildings at night
10:20-10:33 Freedom Tower
10:34-11:06 Miami Port
11:07-11:18 Bayside in downtown
11:19-11:29 Fisher island
11:30-11:41 Sandspur island
11:42-11:50 Miami Beach
11:51-12:01 Haulover Sand bar in North Miami Beach
12:02-12:18 Flagler Memorial Island
12:19-12:40 Fisher island
12:41-13:00 Ocean drive by aerial drone
13:01:13:41 Miami Beach by aerial drone

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  3. high-rise apartment buildings and skyline like others US cities – nothing special and nothing interesting. The best american city for european tourists is NYC. This city is waste of time for european tourists. Many asian cities are now more interesting, safer and more culturally attractive (modern architecture + history etc.) than Miami etc. And logically, who wants sea in Europe, visits Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain etc. which offering not only sea (like Miami) but also history, quality gastronomy and traditional culture. Miami is good only for stupid pool parties.

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