North Miami Beach Condo Issues Emergency Evacuation

CBS4’s Bobeth Yates reports on the City of North Miami Beach has issued an emergency evacuation from the Crestview Towers Condo after it was deemed unsafe.


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  1. Perhaps it's time to re-think housing and stop building towers that are destined to deteriorate over time. Who's idea was it to build condo towers on sand anyway…is there any bedrock there? What about building low-rises using cinder blocks instead of reinforced poured concrete? Salt water rusts the rebar. This tragedy is preventable. People must learn from this experience.

  2. I'll tell you why they waited so long to do repairs and never happens, building owners don't want to pay for million of dollars for repairs when they can only collect.

  3. Associations should have a management company investing fees and banking that money for repairs. I was a board member and know how this is supposed to work. Apparently it isn't working for anyone. I see blame in every direction

  4. What were the government inspectors doing all these years? Why all the big building surprises all of a sudden?? If YOU think government can run healthcare, YOU are not thinking. Come on Man!!

  5. Good. They need to start taking things more seriously. An under-reaction is what caused this senseless loss of life. Overreactions tend to save them…

  6. Not shocking at all that the HOA did not disclose the condition of the building to its residents. Very typical of Miami Dade County condo associations. 15 years as a real estate agent dealing with Miami associations and the only thing I have to say about them…Thieves with a license to steal…They should all be investigated for their ruthless and criminal doings.

  7. I hope that every crooked contractor, sub-contractor, property manager, board members & engineers that took illegal kickbacks to get to work on our buildings to suffer just as much as these residents have.

  8. Bottom line this all could of been avoided building inspectors can override any association just like a fire Marshall can when a court house is to full it’s call regulations it’s the city fault May those who were lost RIP, and my deepest condolences go to the families who have lost a love one

  9. How vile can they get? They pushed the high rise living as a good thing, now we get to watch them red tag the buildings. Will the people being forced to move be made whole? We've let educated con men and woman lead us to this point. So they're now playing on our fears. The Empire state building had a B25 bomber fly into it,and it's still stands. Built in the 30s, Hold on to your wallets, they won't stop until your broke and homeless.

  10. and so it begins .. there is no money to fix it ..they will all be torn down.. and rebuilt .. where will all these people go.. where did all the money go? ARREST THEM

  11. This is gonna happen a lot now ,concrete rebar buildings have a life span of 50 years when built on the coast .With no over site or regulations there will be no accountability .HOA/Management isn't gonna pay to relocate these people.

  12. This is also a reason why I would never buy a property on the coast or on a cliff: EROSION.
    Look at all the properties get swallowed up by the Ocean. Not just in America, world wide too… Australia.

  13. I was one of the people in the building helping evacuate residents. They were doing plenty of remodeling of the flooring and the paint but nothing that had to do with the safety of the building. It’s honestly horrible and someone needs to be held accountable

  14. The news reports the evaluation was done in January it's now July and they have only handed it over because they were forced to. It dares thinking about if that states it's not safe, the condo management got some serious questions to answers as to why they chose not to submitt the form and put people's lives at risk, life endangerment charges here. Disgusting

  15. A 2 hour notice to leave your home….. and ALL these people were told THEY need to find a place to stay? Why isn't the condo association paying for hotels for them ? This is THEIR fault, not the resident's! They've known for MONTHS this building was unsafe. The residents were basically told today " you have 2 hours to grab your sh*t and leave, hope you find a place to stay before the hurricane hits and oh, by the way, have a great 4th of July weekend ". Management needs to find themselves a new home ….in jail

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