Lift eFoil, Miami

Smooth gliding on the production Lift eFoil in downtown Miami.


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  1. Bucket. List.

    "McFly, you bojo. Hoverboards don't work on water!"

    "Unless you've got power!"

    These powered hoverboards ONLY work on water.

    The future doesn't necessarily turn out the way you want, but in some ways, it turns out more awesome.

  2. Indonesia with its human predicate as a heavy thinker or said to be an expert thinker, but the results are zero and the money goes into each other's pockets which creates useless billionaires. I'am R.Bambang Soelasmono.

  3. Indonesia from the era of the Srivijaya kingdom to the President, from goat dung to buffalo dung with hard work slogans' but to no avail. Unlike Miami, I see America with its people who are so relaxed but can create a city with beautiful buildings on the water. My question for America is 'who is the President … and my question for Indonesia' Where is the hard-earned money and who is the President. I'am R.Bambang Soelasmono

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