4K WALK Miami Beach 4k VIDEO South Beach Florida documentary

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Lincoln Road, one of the most important and popular streets in South Beach Miami Beach s a perfect place to watch people on video 4k !! Restaurants, Shops and clubs gather on this road and tourism from everywhere come here at least for a walk when on vacation. This is your Miami vlog, on this travel channel.

4K WALK Miami Beach 4k VIDEO South Beach Florida documentary

As always this street is interesting for any Miami travel , and this walktuber takes this walking tour to show it on on of his videos 4k with this 4k hdr take for his travel vlog. This is slow tv.

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do when I travel, take a virtual tour and hike with me. You will love this virtual hike. Lincoln road is a must on any Miami 2019 city walk. See Miami 4k !

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  1. Greetings, I'm Jaime

    I wanted to ask you please, if I could request a few minutes of your video in Lincoln Road, with the aim of using it in a documentary of my life.

    I am in a wheelchair and they stole my videos that I made in Miami and I have no way to use anything from there.

    I want to use just a few minutes of your video to use it in my documentary, which I tell about my life.

    Please, if you allow me, I could include your name in the credits of my documentary as a cameraman.


    I appreciate your response.

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