Spring Break 2021 Miami Beach: South Beach

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida Spring Break 2021. Miami Beach is still the destination for Spring Break. We did not film the Miami Music Week this year but was still in Miami Beach for the 2021 spring break activities. In this video, we go down to South Beach to see how things were going since they called the 8pm curfew. People were still living their best life in Miami Beach, Florida. Stay tuned for more and be sure to watch our other Miami videos.
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  1. 0:02 It's very important to rev your fancy sports car at the light because you are rich and need to show everyone that you're so hip. Even though when the light turns and the whole street is jammed with cars you won't be able to go over 10 mph, it's still imperative so rev it up and look cool.

  2. So these are our brightest minds, just living it up. No masks, no social distancing. No regard for the families or school mates you'll be returning to. Yes, you little geniuses already have the covid cases rising, soon alot of these poor folks may start dieing thanks to you. Now the virus may have even more time to mutate again. Bless your little pea pickin hearts. Yes folks these are our best and brightest soon to be running this country. OMG, scares the hell out you, huh.

  3. Now you have a state of emergency. Common sense tells you young and old don’t understand Covid because they don’t care. Opening the state up was much too soon. Curfews don’t cut down on spikes. Everyone in Miami should be quarantined in hotels and jails for 21 days with or without the vaccine

  4. This awesome documented gives me a million different reasons why i wouldn't live in flordia and i ain't even talking about virus umm let me list a few um HURRICANES, floods, severe weather, coastal storms, crazy people, and chaos in the streets too many people in a single area. It was so bad last year even a hurricane didn't want to pay flordia a visit LOL.

  5. This looks awesome!! Would Florida perhaps be willing to accept Covid refugees?

    We are still being thoroughly tyrannised here in the UK, recently we were finally after 3 months legally allowed to meet with another household as long as it was in an outside space, there were 6 or fewer people and everyone maintained social distance… my country is nuts!

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