The first super panoramic anti-hurricane padel court

Padelgest super panoramic court

Padelgest installs in Miami the first and only padel court that is hurricane-resistant, able to withstand winds of 180mph, with an exclusive panoramic design.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, November 27, 2023 / — Global climate change has led to all sorts of extreme meteorological phenomena, ranging from droughts to floods and fires. Hurricanes are also common in this scenario; global warming is firing up heavier and less predictable storms. Just in 2022, three hurricanes in the United States caused damages worth over a billion dollars.

Recently we saw the devastating images of destruction at Island Padel Jersey Padel Club; affected from Hurricane Ciaran which reached gusts up to 125mph. Club was forced to an indefinite shutdown of the venue although relieved none personal damage was suffered. Awareness has raised of this increasing catastrophic events in such sensible areas located in the edge and prone to intense storms, where a basic padel court can become a safety risk.

Hurricane Red Alert

Scientists raised the red flag for coastal communities in the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of the United States: ‘They must improve their preparation and alert systems as new research shows that hurricanes are intensifying rapidly in these areas, going from category 1 to 3 or more in 24 hours.’

The study, published last October in Scientific Reports, is the most comprehensive to date on the evolution of the wind speed of Atlantic hurricanes based in Miami, United States. Areas where there is a higher likelihood of experiencing their maximum intensification have changed and spread. U.S. Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean Sea are becoming the most virulent in just a few hours.

In September, Hurricane Lee reached category 5 in a few hours, becoming the third tropical storm in history to intensify most rapidly since recorded data. It mainly affected Bermuda, northeastern United States and the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

Architecture and Design for Resistance

The first step in devising a structure capable of withstanding winds exceeding 125mph was to learn and understand more about the risks faced by the most affected areas. Padelgest knew from experience that details about the strong winds these storms bring are the key to finding ways to protect a padel court.

After examining the building codes of the most devastated states by these phenomena and assembling an international team of engineers and technicians, the Spanish company determined what materials and methods should be used to build the first padel court resistant to winds of 180 miles per hour. However, they knew the great challenge went beyond achieving an ultra-resistant structure but the goal was to achieve it through an innovative design yet without affecting the prized panoramic quality of professional padel courts.

Last September, Padelgest achieved the unprecedented milestone of installing the first 100% panoramic anti-hurricane certified padel court in the most exposed area of the world, Miami-Florida. This court is also the first not to require the removal of glass panels in the event of a tropical storm, which was a colossal inconvenience and extra cost for the promoter until now, often rendering their project unfeasible.

This is a padel court for the future which not only considers factors beyond design but also can provide functional solutions to a changing, constantly evolving world. We need to focus to the future, on how we can improve the quality of play and the safety of our padel players who want to experience a unique experience. Target achieved in the best super panoramic court of the market. Now also the only anti-hurricane one.

More about Padelgest

Padelgest is a Catalan factory based in Barcelona, Spain specialized on the design and manufacturing of high end padel courts. Was founded in June 2003 by Sergi Estupiña and is currently the most experienced manufacturer of superior quality padel courts in the market, controlling the entire manufacturing process from start to finish at its facilities in the Catalan capital. The selection of the best raw materials and the careful manufacturing process are a guarantee of quality verified by the EU, earning the trust of elite athletes, Hollywood stars, Arab royalty, and high-standing clubs worldwide.

Padelgest was the company inventing the iconic portable court for the first World Padel Tour, which has served as inspiration for over 10 years, making it one of the few manufacturers that has designed and manufactured courts for the most prestigious professional padel tours in the world.

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