STATEMENT: Florida Senate Democrats Respond to the Governor Signing SB 1718, Immigration Bill

Tallahassee —

Today, in response to the Governor signing SB 1718, Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book and Senator Victor Torres shared these statements:

Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) said, “While the Governor is distracted by his White House ambitions and the Southern border, Florida families are facing real issues here at home with rising property insurance costs and increased costs of living. 

Instead of using people as political pawns, he should be focused on the job in Florida. This bill is a misguided, dysfunctional and disingenuous way to deal with a problem the federal government should be in charge of fixing.”

Senator Victor Torres (D-Orlando) said, “The anti-immigration bill signed today by the Governor is at best illegal and at worst inhumane. Economically speaking, this a disaster for Florida’s service, agricultural and construction industries. While the current system has many issues, decimating the hardworking labor force that is the backbone of these industries is not the answer. This bill will cause more shortages and increased prices for consumers. 

The worst part about this bill is the impact to migrant children and those whose help them. We’re going to start locking up pastors, first responders and health care workers, who will now be subject to criminal penalties for their humanitarian assistance. This bill is basura – go back to the drawing board, Governor. Better yet – go to Congress and insist on a better solution that doesn’t belittle an entire group of people who are searching for a better quality of life and support our state’s economy.”




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