Gimenez Supports January 6 Commission

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez (FL-26) issued the following statement after voting in support of the January 6 Commission:

“We need to analyze the facts surrounding the assault on the Capitol building on January 6th. These recommendations from the Commission will produce valuable insight on how to improve our security at the Capitol and what can be done to prevent these events from happening again.

I understand the concerns many Members of Congress have about Democrats politicizing this process. However, I trust the parameters of the commission successfully negotiated by my colleague Congressman John Katko, the Republican leader of the House Homeland Security Committee. The approved commission, which has a 50/50 split with Democrats, gives Republicans an equal voice at the table with Republicans needing to approve all subpoenas before they can be issued. Both Republicans and Democrats must also agree on the final version of the report before it is released.

There is no doubt that January 6th left many questions to be asked of those in charge of the security protocols on Capitol Hill. This commission will provide a legitimized mechanism for those questions to be answered. I look forward to reviewing the Commission\’s findings at the end of the year and getting Capitol Police the resources they need to bolster our security at the People’s House, the Capitol.”




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