Undocumented are at Risk if Travel by Plane or Car- Immigration Attorney | Immigration News Today

Undocumented are at Risk if Travel by Plane or Car- Immigration Attorney | Immigration News Today

If you plan to travel on these December dates and do not have documents proving your legal stay in the United States, immigration attorneys call for you to think twice before getting on a plane or driving by road for long distances. While it is possible to do so, experts have some recommendations for those seeking to travel and are undocumented. “Obviously driving drunk, doing things they shouldn’t do, increases the risk of arrest”, Jeremy Anderson, an immigration attorney, warned Behaving is one of the recommendations from Anderson. If you plan to travel by plane, explain the following:
“ With a valid passport from their own country, they do not normally fight ” the lawyer indicated However, if in the airport review you present a legal document from another country, you run the risk of being questioned by immigration officers at the airport.

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