Latina Hair Care Expert, Nadine Ramos, Creates a Family Bonding Hair Care Experience

Nadine Ramos- Latina Hair Care Expert

Rosemary, Coconut Oil for the hair

Creating shared moments with family

Blessed Bananas Natural Ingredients

Blessed Bananas Mask, All-natural Haircare for the entire family!

Ramos launches a new collection of high quality, clean hair masks enriched with a propriety blend found tucked away within layers of banana skin.

Every Moment Counts as a Blessing”

— Nadine Ramos

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2022 / — NYC born and raised, Latina Beautypreneuer launches a family self-care bonding experience through the creation of a new organic, family-friendly hair care line, Blessed Bananas.

With the combined success and knowledge from her role as CEO & Founder of Lasio Professional Hair Care (which launched in 2000), Nadine Ramos fills a gap in the luxury haircare category for families seeking a quality, safe and affordable product that caters to ALL members of the family, from tiny tots, to moms, dads and everyone in between.

The highlight of Blessed Bananas is the 100% pure banana oil derived from the banana skin. Researching ingredients is an obsession of Ramos, especially basic everyday ones that are readily available in our homes. One day, while her two beloved sons were devouring one of their favorite snacks, bananas, she was prompted with the thought: what could bananas do for one’s hair? Throughout her research, Nadine Ramos discovered that bananas are rich in vitamins A, D & E. Enlightened on the variety of nutrients and benefits contained within bananas outside of regular consumption, she found herself officially swayed on how banana oil could be utilized to achieve healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair.

Blessed Bananas features three hair masks:

Mommy & Me Mask (8oz. $19.99) Enriched with pure banana oil and coconut oil.

Daddy & Me Mask (8oz. $19.99) Enriched with banana oil and aloe vera.

Single & Free Mask (8oz. $19.99) Enriched with Banana oil and Rosemary oil.

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Banana, Coconut, Rosemary & Aloe Vera Hair Masks!

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