Superheroes Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza parade through Miami with gifts

Crowds are expected to see the crazy wrapped car parade bringing the two superhero characters through town in full costume tomorrow, Sunday, December 26th. The group of cars are led by a monster Jeep that will carry the super-heroines of a new comic saga, HERIOINES. They will be making all the fans, new and old, happy by giving away gifts worth over $6,000 in total. 

Superhero Exorcist, created by Victoria Unikel, has a long history in Europe as an ardent anti-Communist and social justice fighter and now has found a home in the USA to defend the people of the world against the forces of darkness and evil. Her partner is the former Russian Spy Aliia Roza as the superhero Roza Spy.  

Roza Spy is the ex-killing machine that has gone over to the side of the good guys and has made it her mission to fight evil and criminals wherever she sees them. Having gone rogue from the Russian military, she is now a free agent and has found a kindred spirit in The Exorcist. Together they fight all the powers of evil. 

The project Heroines is plugged in to Hollywood (in California, not Florida) and has a new star team member. From the Gracie and Machado families that started Jiu Jitsu and brought it to the United States, Rigan Machado, the number one celebrity master and film stunt coordinator has joined the superhero team. He has worked with such celebrities as Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Halle Berry and Ashton Kutcher, among many others. 

The unsuspecting people who they will come across on the street tomorrow will receive a gift worth over $200 from Dr. Anatoly Ripa and his Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Wellness Spa who is supporting their project. All the exotic cars that are coming tomorrow in their glow-in-the-dark comic-inspired graphic wraps are the artistic creation of Vitali Markau and his CWD (custom wrap design studio).  

The creators of this project already have a multi-million person following on Instagram and a lengthy history of entertainment projects under their belts, and the number of fans is going up. 

The fight against evil and evil ideologies never disappears, as evil never rests, and the powers of these superheroes, The Exorcist and Roza Spy, are as needed in the comic world as in the real world.  

These two heroines, Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza, themselves having lived through great suffering and losses, are also preparing to help people in their real lives by starting a non-profit foundation to help women and children in the most desperate need.  

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