Seasonal fertilizer ban in effect May 15 through Oct. 31

Miami-Dade County’s fertilizer ordinance applies to fertilizer applicators and anyone who performs landscape management. Fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorous is restricted from May 15 through October 31. The ordinance has specific rules for when, how much and where you can fertilize, how grass clippings and vegetative matter are to be handled, and what training is required for your business. We encourage you to continue adhering to these guidelines. Make sure you know the rules for fertilizer use during the rainy season and take any necessary action to ensure you are in compliance.

This ordinance was developed as part of a broad countywide effort to reduce nutrient contamination, in the form of excess nitrogen and phosphorous, in our urban watershed. Excess nutrients from fertilizer can enter our sensitive water resources like our Biscayne Bay, where they have contributed to seagrass die-offs, algae blooms and most recently fish-kills.

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