Review your new voter information card

Upon completion of the census, local, state and federal jurisdictions proceed with redistricting due to the census data, ensuring equitable representation.

New voter information cards are being mailed to all voters across our County. Precinct lines were updated, which means some voters will have a new Election Day voting location. When you receive your card, review all of your information. Knowing your voting location is especially important if you like to vote on Election Day.

All voters, whether impacted by a change or not, will receive a new Voter Information Card in the mail in August-September 2023. Please pay close attention to the information on this card to determine if your Election Day voting location has changed.

Additionally, voters should review their personal information, including name, address, political party, voting districts and precinct information. You can make changes to your voter record online if any updates to your voter record are necessary. You can also view this information on our Voter Information page.

Learn more about reprecincting

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