Biscayne Bay Friendly campaign launch

The Biscayne Bay Friendly campaign is an overarching multi-media and multi-lingual educational campaign for residents, business owners, tourists, and students to highlight how daily individual actions can impact Biscayne Bay positively or negatively. The campaign’s goal is rooted in developing and experiencing personal connections with our unique environmental resources and educating them on what they can do to help protect and conserve them.

When trash and nutrient pollution get washed into our stormwater systems, canals and waterways, eventually, they reach Biscayne Bay. Using fertilizers, littering, and not picking up pet waste can lead to fish kills. Everyone can be a friend to Biscayne Bay, no matter where they live, work and play, or where they’re from. Improving the health of the Bay will improve the quality of life, make the Bay a healthy place to enjoy, and help the local economy.

The campaign will feature educational PSAs by Jayme Gershen titled, “Captain Baywatch.” Gershen was one of the 2021 Oolite Arts “Save the Bay” winners who collaborated with Miami-Dade County’s Cultural Affairs and the Office of Resilience (OOR). The competition tasked creatives with creating a minute-long PSA to raise awareness and highlight solutions for improving water quality in Biscayne Bay.

The Biscayne Bay Friendly campaign will be displayed across a variety multiple of platforms, including social media, web banners, radio, outdoor ads and connect TV. This will help reach our County residents, business owners, students and tourists. 

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