Free trust accounting software now available

Free trust accounting software now available

Nota’s financial management platform will help lawyers manage their trust accounts and avoid costly mistakes

F. Scott Westheimer

Scott Westheimer

Florida lawyers now have free access to Nota – a financial platform designed to help small law firms and solo lawyers manage trust accounts and adhere to accounting requirements.

Nota has been added to The Florida Bar’s Member Benefits lineup and addresses the need for a simplified, seamless, and efficient trust accounting platform.

“Florida’s legal community continues to see substantial growth from solo and small firm practitioners, who now represent nearly 70% of Florida attorneys,” said Bar President Scott Westheimer. “With Nota, our members have access – at no cost – to the latest in trust accounting technology and a provider who can help them focus on the growth and continued success of their practice.”

Trust account maintenance and compliance is critically important. Lawyers who agree to hold money in trust have an ethical obligation to account for every penny as long as the funds remain in their possession. Commingling of funds, poor ledger management, and even basic accounting errors can result in client complaints, audits, and disciplinary action that could lead to suspension or disbarment. And while most attorneys diligently comply with Rules Regulating Trust Accounts (Chapter 5), trust accounting violations have ranked among the top three most common disciplinary complaints over the past four years.

Nota’s platform provides attorneys with total visibility into their bank accounts along with full integration into law firm workflows. The platform, designed specifically for attorneys, helps to streamline the exacting management of client IOTA accounts, and integrates easily with major practice management, legal payment, and accounting platforms.

Nota seamlessly integrates with client accounts across multiple financial institutions or as a standalone trust accounting solution, according to the company.

Bar disciplinary records show why Westheimer has long considered a free and easily accessible trust accounting solution a proverbial holy grail.

“In the last 10 years, trust accounting violations have always been a top-10 violation (complaints filed against members),” according to a Member Benefits Program application. “In fact, the Bar gets one NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) notification per day due to poor trust accounting practices.”

Bar records show that in 2019-2020, trust accounting was the top violation, the fourth highest in 2020-2021, the third highest in 2021-2022, and “currently this year, 2022-2023, it is again a top violation.”

“Nota was designed to help smaller legal practitioners easily manage the complex and onerous process of trust reconciliation so they can focus on what’s important—their clients,” said Paul Garibian, CEO, Nota. “Core to Nota’s platform is providing small businesses with access to the banking and recordkeeping services they need to remain compliant and drive growth.”

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