Chief Justice Canady delivers State of the Judiciary address

Chief Justice Canady delivers State of the Judiciary address at 2020 Florida Bar Convention

Chief Justice Charles Canady delivered the annual State of the Judiciary address during the 2020 Virtual Annual Convention of the Florida Bar.

Justice Canady’s remarks were recorded and delivered during the General Assembly meeting Friday, June 19. Read the speech (pdf)PDF Download or watch the video presentation on Youtube

Remarks from Justice Canady’s speech:

During this time, Florida’s judges have recognized that the work of our courts could not be brought to a grinding halt by the pandemic. We all understand that the protection of the liberty and the prosperity of our people depends on a healthy, functioning court system. And that the goal of equal justice for everyone—which would be meaningless without courts and lawyers—is at the very heart of our constitution and the promise of America.

From very early in the pandemic, Florida’s courts and lawyers began to pivot to the use of video and telephone conferences to deal with matters that could be addressed through those means. Judges and lawyers adapted to the changed environment with admirable speed. So a great deal of judicial work has been accomplished during this time. Cases have been moving forward.

And we have learned a great deal from this experience that will benefit the court system long after we are beyond the constraints imposed by the pandemic. I believe that in future years when we look back on this difficult time we will see that seeds were planted that helped our courts become more efficient and responsive.

Justice Canady concluded his remarks saying, “There are certainly great challenges ahead of us, but I’m confident we will be able to meet those challenges… Thank you for giving life to the rule of law and for pursuing the goal of equal justice for all.”

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