How to cross to Bimini by boat – Florida USA to The Bahamas

How to cross to Bimini by boat – Florida USA to The Bahamas

🇧🇸 Go Outdoors Bahamas:

HOW EXCITING?!? The day is finally here…our first ever solo crossing to Bimini and of course we are taking you with us every step of the way. From getting the correct paperwork, checking the weather, running the boat, clearing customs and enjoying the beautiful island, EVERYTHING will be filmed! Our goal is for the trip to be fun but also helpful to our viewers hoping to one day make the crossing themselves!

You Will Need:
1. Get your Cruising License and Fishing Permits ⚓️
2. Check if you need a COVID test and get your Travel Health Visa 🇧🇸
3. Pet Paperwork 🐶
4. Passports 🛂
5. Vessel Registration 🚤
6. Quarantine, Courtesy and Dive Flags 🚩
7. Fishing gear, bait, ice, food and personal supplies 😁

What You Need to Do:
1. Get required documents filled out, printed and organized!
2. Cross to Bimini.
3. When in Bahamian waters fly your yellow quarantine flag.
4. Dock your boat at Bimini Big Game Club and designate 1 person to walk to Immigration with everyones passports.
5. Walk back to Big Game Club and head to Customs Office – be sure to have your Go Outdoors Bahamas papers, pet papers, passports, health visas and vessel registration.
6. Switch your quarantine flag out with a Bahamas Courtesy Flag.
7. YOU’RE DONE! Enjoy the Island 🏝

🛍 Gale Force Gear:

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