Tourists Robbed in Medellin Colombia – Colombia Travel Safety Tips

Tourists Robbed in Medellin Colombia – In this video we’ll discuss Colombia Travel Safety Tips.
It has happened; Tourists Robbed in Medellin Colombia. This story is dated February 23, 2021. This is my latest news update. The robbery happened Near Parque Lleras Medellin Colombia in the Poblado area.. Five US citizens were robbed of jewelry, cash, cell phones and clothing.

Our first story is about US Tourists robbed in Medellin Colombia. The crime happened in front of a a hotel in Poblado Medellin Colombia. US citizens robbed in Medellin Colombia doesn’t happen often, which demonstrates how rare this is. Don’t let this deter you from visiting to Medellin Colombia. Anyone can be Robbed in Medellin. Just be aware. But in this instance, not much could have prevented 2 people. Colombia travel. You may be asking yourself, Is Medellin safe. I say yes. Just because US Tourists robbed in Medellin recently happened, doesn’t mean the entire country or city is unsafe. People are robbed in the US every day. US tourists robbed in numerous other countries happens every day. But today’s news is about being Robbed in Medellin Colombia. This is my latest Medellin News update and general Colombia News update.
Don’t let this stop you from visiting Medellin or Colombia. If moving to Medellin Colombia is a goal of yours, I still it’s just as safe as any major US city. Criminals know where the money is; and of course, Parque Lleras is a known location for tourists. So, by all means travel to Colombia. And Medellin crime is no worse than other major US cities. So, make your trip to Medellin. Stay close but not too close to Colombian Police. Medellin colombia crime does exist, but just take proper precautions and stay safe. I’m dcbornrob, and this video is on Crime in Colombia

While crime can happen anywhere, I know some of you are either there or headed that way and need to know that you should know that certain areas are more susceptible. If you want to know, Is Medellin safe? I would have to say for the most part, it is. I felt safer there than here in my hometown of Houston, TX. Medellin crime is there, but really, it’s everywhere. Medellin Colombia crime is the same as any other big city. I would just hope that visitors don’t get too relaxed and let their guard down. Medellin nightlife is picking back up and this is an area to watch out for. Parque Lleras.

I just did a story about Kendrick Sampson Arrested, and when this story came up, it led me to comment for the safety of my viewers. My last video was regarding How to act in another country.

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