Thousands of farmers and rural workers arrived in Paraguay's capital, Asuncion, on Tuesday after a w

(11 Feb 2015) Thousands of farmers and rural workers arrived in Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion, on Tuesday after a week-long march across the country to demand improved working conditions and better wages.
Some protesters camped outside the National Palace to call for the resignation of President Horacio Cartes, according to local media reports.
Agricultural workers, farmers and organisers departed from various points of the South American country to demand better jobs, education and health care, and to bring attention to what they say is government corruption and human rights abuses.
Eladio Flecha, leader of the Paraguay Pyahura Party (PPP), which in Guarani means For a New Paraguay, said they country needs to rid itself of the yoke that is weighing down the nation.
“That oppressive yoke which is narcopolitics, corruption, oligarchy imposed by agricultural exports and financial speculation,” he said.
Paraguay is a small and poor country of just under seven (m) million people, and has long struggled with corruption.
Two former Cabinet ministers of the previous administration are currently being tried on such charges.
Cartes, whose term runs until August 2018, built a fortune with two dozen companies that dominate industries in Paraguay, from banking and tobacco to soft drinks and football.

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