San Juan Puerto Rico Classic Car Road Trip

On this episode of My Classic Car, Dennis takes a classic car tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico. From cruising the coast in an Impala, to checking out some of the most unique collections, this sunny trip reminds Dennis of some of the perks to this job. For its size, the car culture in Puerto Rico is huge! More cars per square mile than just about anywhere. The first stop is a rotary engine Mazda collection and its lead off car, the R100, the first Mazda sold in America. A Japanese rotary coupe with some German influences, this car is a great representative of how original and stock the cars are in these collections, but in Puerto Rico as a whole, which appears to lean towards preservation than modification. Exceptions apply of course. Also in the Mazda collection is this ’73 pickup truck. With a larger 12A rotary engine, this fun little pick up truck is faster than you’d think. Then, a ’77 RX-3SP, a very aggressive sport car with an interior just as lively. Mazda really wanted everyone to know what you’re driving! Back on the road, we hit Volkyland, the largest private Volkswagen collection in the world. And you can’t do a “V-dub” collection without a bug. This Hot Rod Beetle has moon disc wheels and a chop that really give it motion standing still, and hydraulics to bring it down. Then a very exotic Brazilian VW called a Puma. This has a very euro-race feel to it, with the covered headlights and body lines. It looks like a baby Pantera! There’s an “All Original” ’57 VW Bug hiding in an amazing line of Beetles that really takes you back. For a fan, that line alone is worth the price of admission. Another cloud in VW heaven is the military corner, with amphibious and armored VW’s ready for action, though fortunately haven’t seen any! And finally we check out a VW Type-147 “Fridolin”, a special order German post office truck, with two sliding doors and all the features you’d expect, but maybe never new existed. There’s truly something for everybody here!

0:00 Intro
3:42 – 1970 Mazda R100 – Mazda Collection
5:59 – 1973 Mazda Truck – Mazda Collection
7:16 – 1977 RX-3 SP – Mazda Collection
9:08 – Volkyland
10:00 – Hot Rod VW – Volkyland
11:15 – VW Puma GT – Volkyland
12:12 – Beetle Lineup – Volkyland
13:34 – VW Military – Volkyland
14:24 – VW Type-147 “Fridolin” – Volkyland

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