CNN Chavez News Network Honduras.

People from honduras against Manuel Zelaya and Chavez.

Zelaya was a corrupt president thrown out of the country for
constantly breaking the law and trying to change the constitution
in order to be re elected (which is prohibited in honduras) as president.
CNN has reported lies about what really happened in honduras
and their failure to report the truth is affecting honduras critically.

People believe in cnn and thus lying to the world has made it difficult
for honduras to pass its political crisis. Not only outside honduras, but
inside honduras too. A network that reports lies has increased Zelayas
supporters in honduras.

This video shows some evidence that many people in Hondura are
AGAINST Zelaya and are proud of the military forces for sending Zelaya
to Costa Rica. Remember: the Supreme Court in honduras declared Zelaya´s
initiative illegal and the militars just followed a supreme court order.
Many people ask why sent him to costa rica? the answers
is simple, in order to prevent confrontations with Zelayas supporters.
But now the world blames honduras because it took a decision in order
to save lives. It seems that lies are the first force that drive the world, and the truth
seems sometimes useless.

Zelaya is criminal and a good actor too, and now the world has made him
a martir… specially thanks to chavez and his bribed network …CNN.

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