New Protocols for Re-entry (Updates)

UPDATED As of July 15, 2020

Entry Screening and Testing
 What are Jamaica’s protocols for pre‐testing and testing?
o All travellers from designated high risk areas (Arizona, Florida, New York and Texas) will be required to obtain and upload a COVID‐19 PCR test when applying for Travel Authorization on
o Persons who are travelling from designated low risk areas will not be required to upload pre‐test results, but will however be screened and assessed at the airport.
o All travellers except business travellers may be required to be tested at the airport or designated facility, based on health screening and risk assessment upon arrival.
o Testing will take place in instances where travellers are exhibiting symptoms or belong to a high risk group despite presenting a negative COVID‐19 PCR test certificate.

 I am a business traveller, will I need to upload my PCR test results when applying for a Travel Authorization?
o Business travellers are not required to upload their PCR test results prior to travelling, as they will be tested on arrival.
 For how long will my PCR test be valid?
o Jamaica will not accept results for a PCR test done more than 10 days before the expected date of arrival.
 If I am staying at a private residence will I be placed in quarantine for 14 days even if my PCR test is negative?
o Yes, you will be placed in quarantine for 14 days at your intended address during which time your movements and interaction with others will be limited. This is applicable even if your test result is negative.
o You will be required to download the Jamcovid 19 application from the Google Play Store or App World on to your mobile phone for scheduled location check‐ins throughout the quarantine period.
 Why do I need the Jamcovid 19 app?
o In order to monitor and trace any spread of the virus, the health authorities must be able to track the movement of persons visiting the island. All persons staying outside the Resilient Corridor are required to use the Jamcovid 19 app so
the health authorities can manage movement. Installing it before your travel will save on airport processing time.
Will a non‐resident guest who tests positive and their immediate travelling party be quarantined for 14 days regardless of their original length of stay?
o If one member of a travelling party tests positive for COVID‐19 on arrival, the person who tested positive will be isolated in a public health facility for a minimum period of 14 days, or until they are able to produce two consecutive negative tests in a 48‐hour period.
o The Ministry of Health and Wellness is presently seeking to identify private facilities as an option for visitors to choose if they have a preference with the caveat that there will be a cost associated with any private facility versus free for the public healthcare facility.
o The other members of the travelling party will be required to “stay in place” at the accommodation facility and have a daily check in with an assigned public health Official until the end of their scheduled stay, at which time they may check out and return home.
 Do I have to stay within this Corridor even with a negative result?
o All vacationers staying at hotels, villas or guesthouses are required to stay within the Corridor at all times.
 Where are visitors allowed to stay during this period?
o Only accommodation facilities located on the beach side of the main thoroughfare from Negril to Portland; and those in the Kingston Business District will be allowed to accept guests. Note that only properties which have received a COVID‐19 Compliant Certificate will be allowed to take guests. As the product quality authority assesses each property, the list will be updated daily on the Travel Authorization page on
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Jamaica is BACK!! As many of you may know, Jamaica closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic in mid-March; however, after creating thoughtful processes and training in place they are ready and looking forward to welcoming their guests.
There are now pre-entry requirements, requirements when you arrive and required procedures for you to know your first 24/48 hours on island.
I hope you got a lot out of this and it brings you great joy to you, your friends and family.
If we can be of assistance for your all-inclusive travels to Jamaica, we’d love to help!
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