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Palestine means a lot of different things to many people, and may not be the most obvious travel destination. It is often associated with conflict and political unrest, overlooking the fact that it’s also a beautiful and fascinating region, with a vibrant culture, incredible historic landmarks, spectacular natural scenery, inspiring religious sites, tasty food, and friendly, welcoming people.

On this journey, I’m traveling through the Holy Land, a region important to the three main monotheistic religions, and known today as Israel and Palestine.

In this first episode, I’m exploring the West Bank, the largest and most accessible part of Palestine. From stunning natural scenery to intriguing historic sites. From the busy streets of Ramallah to the narrow alleyways of Nablus’ old city. From religious landmarks in Hebron and Bethlehem to the ancient ruins of Jericho. Along the way, I meet some of the people that call this land home, and sample the local cuisine.

I’ll do so from a traveler’s perspective, focusing on the positive stories and things to do. But here and there I also mention the conflict between Israel and Palestine, since it has impacted the lives of many people in the region. For those interested in the politics and modern history of the region, however, I recommend to read, watch, and listen to as many different sources as you can.

This is my first long trip after the pandemic started, and I’m grateful for the chance to travel again. It’s also my second visit to the region. While much of the footage is from the end of 2021 (including the ‘vlog style’ parts), I’ll also use some background material from 5 years earlier.

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Here’s a brief overview of the content in this video:

We start this journey in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, with its impressive Church of the Nativity at its core. After visiting the church, I explore the streets around it, meeting people and eating food in the bustling bazaar. There are many other places worth your time in and around Bethlehem, including the Milk Grotto, an olive oil factory (press), Shepherd’s Fields, and the Mar Saba monastery, surrounded by arid mountains.

Hebron is the next stop, a city in the South of Palestine, and (among other things) famous for its glassblowing factories, and also the Tomb of the Patriarch, or Ibrahimi Mosque. The streets around this place are divided between the local Palestinian community and Israeli settlers. As a tourist, you can visit both areas. At the end of the day, my guide Salwa takes me to a traditional Palestinian restaurant, where we eat some delicious food.

We continue this trip in Jericho, regarded as the oldest city in the world. Located next to the Dead Sea, it’s also one of the lowest cities on our planet, and can get very hot in Summer. Other sights to visit around Jericho include the Dead Sea, Nabi Musa, Qasr-al-Yahud, and St George’s Monastery, built into a cliff in Wadi Qelt.

Getting lost in the narrow alleys of Nablus’ old city was among my favorite things to do. There’s a surprise waiting for you around every corner, and perhaps the best one was the Al Aqsa kunafeh store, which is said to make the best version of this Palestinian dessert, which is popular around the Middle East.

We finish this journey in Ramallah, a young and dynamic city, attracting people from around the region to find work and get educated. It’s a commercial hub with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and provides a different perspective on this part of Palestine.

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