Guatemala – Two men executed for rape and murder

(13 Sep 1996) T/I 11:10:11 GS 10:50:15

Two men sentenced to death for raping and killing a four-year-old girl in 1993 were executed in Guatemala on Friday morning (13/9) by firing squad. Convicts Pedro Casatillo and Roberto Giron were taken to the “Canada” prison in the city of Escuintla, 65 kilometers (30 miles) to the south of the Guatemalan capital for the execution.
The case has received a lot of attention because the execution had been
suspended twice in the past two months, the second time just two hours before they were due to die.



Pedro Casatillo and Roberto Giron led off truck to execution site;
Casatillo and Giron tied to poles;
WS firing squad;
Blindfolds being attached;
Execution takes place;
Casatillo and Giron collapse;
CU of one, body slumped, but still alive, being viewed by doctor;
WS of executioner, firing pistol through head;
WS of scene, as priest approach bodies;
WS of soldiers jogging away, as coffins are brought in;
Body being placed in coffin;

RUNS 1.58

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