The moves to open the country are progressing and the details are still fuzzy, but where there is a will there is a way. Road trips are possible very soon (or now if you are willing to roll the dice)

International flights are most likely phasing in over the next month or two. Hang in there folks who are still waiting to get in!

Here are a couple articles in spanish describing the opening:

If you plan to travel by road here are a few tips:
– Apply for a travel permission using one of the 49 exceptions listed on the form here:
– If you don´t apply for one of those excepciones, ask for a copy of the permiso de operacion of the establishment that you are going to and have a reservation at.

– I recently passed 6 checkpoints without either of these permisos. I answered there questions friendly and honestly, explaining I was going directly to the location and I was going to spend 2 weeks there. All of the checkpoints allowed me passage based on this.
– If you are looking for consistent and precise information about what you can do, you won´t find it. It´s about being as prepared for anything and bring nice and friendly and supportive to the people who are just following orders.

All the best on your journey!

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