Dolphins Superfan Josh Gad IS NOT Happy That Miami Fired Brian Flores | The Rich Eisen Show

Actor Josh Gad tells Rich Eisen why he, a die-hard Dolphins fan, is thoroughly unhappy with Miami’s Brian Flores’ firing

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  1. Josh meds must be affecting his head. BF has a 24-25 losing record, 0 and 6 against the Bill and poor communication / collaboration skills…that's not a good coaching record. As Belicheck would say…they are who their record says they are!!!!!. MEDIOCRE.

  2. get rid of tua?! ross just opened the door for deshaun watson with his last statement saying the next qb will be up to the next coach. which he, ross, will quietly whisper to this next coach "get deshaun". ross isn't hiding anything. its ross who really wants watson. what a shark! sneaky but deadly. thats why he is filthy rich shark. he aint stupid. kudos to you mr ross! go fins!

  3. I hate the term superfan and die hard fan. That's all self proclaiming crap. To say that Daboll is a great coach? What? He was awful in his 1 year as OC in Miami. He gets credited for a very good Buffalo offense, yet it was pretty crappy until Diggs came along. And unless you're actually in the meeting rooms, I don't know how you can claim he's the reason Buffalo has been good offensively. All bluster…

  4. Here is what happened to Flo. Flo to Grier, hey Grier I need these players in order to have a winning season. Grier to Flo we can't do that Steve wont be happy. Grier to Ross, Flo is being mean to me. Ross to Flo, sorry but we have to let you go. Flo to Grier and Ross FU.

  5. Steven Ross is what's wrong with the franchise. Until he is gone nothing will change. He is the common denominator from the last 20 years.he not present and to worried about social justice and how people act.

  6. Just beating the Patriots twice and turning that defense around is he should’ve kept his job. So whoever is the head coach is for the Miami dolphins 🐬 have to win the locker room and all those players decide if they wanna keep Tua and oh play the Buffalo bills twice a year and the Patriots 👍👍👍 good luck.

  7. I’m with Gad. After 42 years as a fan I’m so frustrated with the Dolphins I am seriously considering doing the unthinkable and jumping ship. Maybe I’ll become a Jacksonville fan. Seems like a smarter organization. Hey Ross, let that sink in. They will never fail to shoot them selves in the foot.

  8. Hey putz…….nobody cares about the dolphins…..not even dolphin fans…..and it is weired that stephen ross, a very sucsessful guy, would allow a power struggle wreck his team…….

  9. If B-Flo was such a terrible relationships and communication guy, there's NO WAY he could have gotten his roster to play so hard for him even when it looked like they were totally out of it. This was 100% a coup orchestrated by Chris Grier and Tua. Grier was self-conscious about his perpetual string of screwups, and didn't like that B-Flo stood up to him and worse, wasn't willing to cover for him. Grier sensed it was going to be him or B-Flo. Tua, it turns out, is a bit of a snowflake. Bitching about a coach "not knowing how to talk to people" because you can't handle him telling you to "do your F-ing job" when you've failed to do that says a lot more about Tua than it does about B-Flo.

  10. As a longtime suffering Bills fan. I remember that in the 70's the Fish beat us (like) 20 straight times (10 years straight). I hated them. Now I hate the Pats (36-7 record or something like that), but watching the Fish struggle and fail makes me smile from ear to ear. They have a terrible, absentee owner, who makes mistake after mistake. They have an undersized, injury prone (franchise) QB. I'm snickering. Now that Flores is gone, will Deshaun Watson even want to be traded to the Fish? Perhaps, not?! Even if they get Watson, he's damaged goods. Too many off the field issues. I can't wait for the next 10 years, Josh Allen stampeding through the AFC East and the Fish sinking and decomposing to the ocean floor, like plankton.

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