New York Knicks vs Miami Heat 1999 Play off Game 5

One of the biggest victory of the Knicks due to Allan Houston game winner !!


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  1. Everybody remembers Houston’s shot at the end, but not too many remember that it was Ewing who was fighting through a bad achilles and a pulled rib cage muscle to put up a double/double to keep us in the game. He was an absolute warrior!

  2. Miami reaches the number one seed in the East

    But lose to the New York Knickerbockers in 5 games in the 1999 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (NY shooting guard Allan Houston scores a game winning shot at the Miami Arena, Miami,FL 🏟 🌴 ☀️ 🏀)

  3. As great as that final shot by Houston was, Patrick was the biggest reason we had a chance to win that game. Was battling an achillies and rob cage injury and still had a monster game. He was a true warrior!

  4. I think in The 90s The NBA was tied with The NFL for the best sport in the world. Or was a little better then The NFL imo. Either way both Sports back then was more exciting to watch and there was more drama and intense match ups in both Football and Basketball. Now both sports are watered down,less intense and there is no rivalries anymore. and everybody is a yes man in both Sports. No more hard hitting in Football  and no more physical play in Basketball.  In The NFL Running Backs dont exist anymore and Centers dont exist in The NBA.

  5. It was a lockout year. This was no upset. A lot of people were not surprised to see the Knicks come out of it in a tough 5 game series. The Knicks also beat them the year before. So not sure why people are acting as if the Knicks were some kind of underdogs.

    Heat roster didn't change much from the previous season. Meanwhile, the Knicks added Camby and Sprewell. To me, the Heat were at a disadvantage in terms of talent and depth. But they showed a lot of heart.

  6. I don't know if they are giving him an edge. It's more like he joined forces with a lot of good players and sort of killed the notion of competition. What made the NBA great in the 89s, 90s and 00s is that there were legitimate rivalries. Bulls-Knicks. Knicks-Heat. Lakers-Spurs. Lakers-Celtics. Bird, Jordan, Magic, Kobe, etc. were all involved in numerous rivalries. Now a days, everyone is nice to each other and rivalries are short-lived. Eventually, they are aiming to team up together.

  7. I know this was a 1 vs. 8 seed matchup but it was a 50 game lockout season. So the win percentages were skewed. Had they played 82 games, Knicks would NOT have been a 8th seed for sure. More like a 4 seed or even high as 2 seed if they had a full training camp and what not. I remember watching this thinking that these two teams were the two best teams in the East that year.

    Also, just look at the talent on the Knicks roster. It's obvious that the Knicks were stacked against Miami.

  8. @onemiami little thing called Michael Jordan stood in their way in the 90s with his politics and bs. They would've won at least 2 titles then. Miami now has lebron, and it's MJ all over again because the league wants to make money and the only way to do that is to give a little edge to the most marketable player right now who coincidently plays for the heat. It's not just about skill anymore.

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