AOC CAUGHT maskless dining in Miami Beach as Omicron cases soar In Her Own State

AOC CAUGHT maskless dining in Miami Beach as Omicron cases soar In Her Own State


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  1. AOC is such a hypocrite. OK she screamed and railed against against Ronda Santos handling of C19 and his policies over it. But she sure enjoyed them over the holidays. And as for flying she'd know she flowed. People called her out 2 years ago for flying from New York City to DC instead of taking Amtrak. She claimed that her constituents need her there more often often and faster than Amtrak coi started that Amtrak could get her to deep back-and-forth. But it was only an extra 15 minutes. And I love that her constituents came out and said we've never seen her in her office or even knew she was back in New York.

  2. She is not only a hypocrite but also a communist. That's what communists do, in their mind, they control citizens and take away their freedom while they can do anything they want by enjoying their life and freedom.

  3. She is so fake and they were fake with her, if she thinks her kiss up attitude is going to make gay people close our state she is so WRONG. We will play with you but we are not followers of repression.

  4. It just catch 22 with the left.
    They can do no wrong but however the right does everything wrong. I will guarantee you I will stand up for my American brothers and sisters before I stand up for the left. Look how people are getting treated after the January 6th incident. But then you have 2020 with BLM and antifa burning cities to the ground and the left puts up Bail for them. Like I said it's a catch-22.

  5. Officer T, I love your show. Won't you please, interview Wei and Cathy (Sound of Hope)? We the people, need them FAR more than some realize. They come FROM communism, so they know the signs. They witnessed the Tiananmen Sq. Massacre AND reported from (everything) the January 6, incident. They really care and know about the US situation!
    From their show, I have learned many, many things! The information IS disturbing but, necessary!
    They have interviewed both, Xi Van Fleet (BIG fan!) and Dr. Yan (Wuhan Lab, Whistleblower).
    Best to you and yours!! (Thanks!)

  6. It's not a person watching this video that hasn't at some point been guilty of the same thing. Stop picking on people. Get some real content. And continue your support for Trump. He's not perfect but he is perfect for this country. So what if he disagreed with your fantasy Candice Owens about the vaccine he still is a great man

  7. You got booted because you spoke the truth. Roman's 12:20 states "you will heap burning coals upon his head" for either remorse, & embarrassment for the harm done, or increased punishment for refusing reconciliation." Her head is on FIRE! Thank you for speaking the truth. Don't be intimidated.

  8. Officer Tatum hates…
    1. Interracial relationships
    2. Vacation
    3. Women
    4. Gingers
    5. Florida's lack of mandates

    This video makes absolutely no sense. Tatum is mad about AOC being in Florida because of COVID-19 infections in Brooklyn. Tatum is against people having mandates. So what did she do wrong? Tatum's asking where is her mask? If this video isn't the weakest most BETA thing EVER

  9. Like every other leftist, AOC is a fake phony fraud. Hypocrisy is just baked into her DNA. She pretends she really cares about the climate, but when it's a matter of her personal inconvenience, she doesn't give a hoot. She wants us to wear masks, but she doesn't wear one herself. She wants us to live in communism but how many steps has she taken could moving to Venezuela, Cuba, or the Soviet Union? They all talk about stuff they want for Our Lives, but they don't actually live that way they say they want us to.

  10. …Woke Santa sez🎅🏿💬the untold story of AOC's Florida trip..turns out it was a medical emergency… her boyfriend was so pasty pale🧔🏼 from NYC lockdowns that he was suffering from severely fatal vitamin 𝐃 deficiency…and only a trip to Sunny Florida🌞…🏝⛱🏖 could save his life…it was a real Kwanzaa Miracle."..

  11. that fake be ithing. she has never gotten my respect- she talks like a child who has no real American life experiences here in America- I don't think she cares for anything here in America- she is one of the third world thinking people who we need to rid our Legislation of. 😣

  12. She actually said Desantis took a break while she was here on vacay when she had access to Desantis schedule. He was actually taking his wife to her cancer treatments and she slandered him. Shame on her and her ignorance and hatred of Republicans.

  13. How about some Cubans figuring out where she is at and protest her so much she runs back too her socialist state.

    DeSantis should have the state police escort her out of the state. Or force her to wear a mask or quarantine her for two weeks. There are some extenuating circumstances lawfully. She came from a high Corona infection state so… just sayin.

    Honestly if they are doing certain things in their state they should respect others states as their own. She represents a certain area in NYC so make that district better instead of vacationing somewhere else.

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