Shadow of the Beast 2 music taken from Miami Vice

It would seem the game over tune in Shadow of the Beast 2 is heavily inspired by a tune in a Miami Vice episode (Season 5, Episode 1).


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  1. Awesome job. I found what I was looking for. I was surfing the web for the dark suite that Don Johnson wore towards the end of season 4. I believe it was worn in a few episodes. I recently purchased it and waiting for it to arrive. Not sure what I am going to do with it. I want to put on display for all to see. Not sure where yet. This is my first purchase for something like this. Everything else is mostly baseball memorabilia. I am not sure how others will react when they see what I bought. I don'rt want to come across as a crazy fan.

  2. Probably something like "Generic Cheesy Rock Piece #3574". Not saying that it's bad, only that composers for TV Shows often have to create so many short pieces that there's no point in naming them all.

  3. @olllj
    Did you read the comments by the composer himself?

    "I was sent reference music for "game over", and told to copy it by Reflections. At the time I had no idea where it had come from… but you can rest easy, all my other music in SOTB II is original. :O)"

  4. @coldstoragevideo wow now it all makes sence.. obviously your tracks for Reflections/Psygnosis were/Are simply classic (i even keep some in my ipod) but i the game track was sampled from a real guitar and more than likly sourced from some great metal ballet. the only problem which one? and after seeing this vid i realised it was ORIGINALLY created by none other than Jan Hammer

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