The Most Thorough Riding Tour in Miami Beach 2022 (4k P.O.V Chit Show)

Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show is on a Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter ! (Affiliate link below ) Today we give a P.O.V look at almost all of South Beach. We have done many walking tour with a stabilized gimbal before but couldn’t cover much ground. This Video can be a little shaky because I have a camera on my helmet and have to turn my head to see people and traffic. Its by far the best video I have done that Captures what Miami Beach is really like. We even cross the bridge and go to Miami ! I also show you 2 new boat ramps you guys haven’t seen on my channel !

If your visiting Miami in the future take a look at my playlist “Visit Miami ”


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  1. a few of those Hi rises next to Montys were known for filming Porn Movies on the balconies we would see them doing iy everyday while doing out Home Theater
    / Audio/ Audio and Video installs lol

  2. there used to be a place on South Beach bon South Point Park area called Miami Beach Boys Camps we used to go there on weekend trips with The Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol then later on in the late 70
    s early 80's was Miami Vice first season

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