Dangerflow – The Crown [Official Music Video] feat. in Miami Heat 2012 Championship Parade

Buy ‘The Crown’ on iTunes:

Also featured in MTV’s Washington Heights

Directed & Edited by Mupalia Pictures
MMA Fighters: Mike “The Wolverine” Rio, Michael “Dragonhulk” Trujillo
Special Effects Makeup & Styling by Nina’s Makeup

Watch the Monster Energy BMX team video from X Games 18 feat. ‘The Crown’ here:

Mama always said we were royalty
She even said it staring in the face of poverty
Is that insanity or vanity?
I think it’s nothing but the power of the mind
Believe, she put it in me
Because I live in my dreams
I give my fantasies wings
One day I’m gonna be king
I’m gonna make that woman so proud of her son
I know you heard about change, its gon’ come
One question will you be there, will you be there?
I’ll be there with my hands held high in the air
Like a champion, cuz I demand to win

Before you wear the crown
They’ll try to tear you down
I’m ready for it now
Cuz I don’t fear the fall
I’m gonna stand tall
No breaking down the walls

Papa always said never fold my cards
Focus my mind and don’t take my eyes off the prize
Cuz life is a blink of an eye
You’re here then you’re gone off to the other side
My time is a gift and I use it
I spend every day making beautiful music
But you don’t have to hold a tune, to serenade a room
Just stay high like noon, even in the gloom
Darkest clouds never block the sun
Just rise above and you’ve already won
No obstacle can’t be overcome
If you think that you can then it’s already done
Don’t let em put fear in ya
Or try to make you feel inferior
Fight through it like a warrior
Victory feels so glorious


If you’re not ready to wear that crown
You’ll never face resistance
But the moment you step on that throne
You’ll hear their cries in the distance
Of jealousy, they’re envious
Don’t care to see you rising up
Just keep the faith, fill your heart with love
Let the truth be told and protect your soul
Cuz you know



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  1. Hey Dangerflow! I would like to use the chorus from this song in a video of me dunking, at some point in the near future. Is that okay? I'll be sure to give you guys a shout out in my vid and description!

    Have a great day!

  2. Yo Angel, congratulations on having your song played at the Heat celebration. Mark had told me about your group and I wish you and your guys nothing but success. I remember when we were in school you used to be deep with the music thing so keep up the good work. I'll be on the lookout for more of your stuff. This song is awesome so big ups! (Also cool that you used Mike Rio in your video. I was cheering for him on TUF)

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