Memorial Weekend Miami

It’s Memorial Weekend here in Miami Florida and this is the time where most people go to the beach or hualover sandbar . Also lots of people come to Florida to enjoy the nice sunny weather. On Saturday we went to the island to cook breakfast then the sandbar with a few friends.We met some great fans of the channel. They traveled south to celebrate the weekend here at the sandbar. This is part 1 of a few videos from memorial weekend adventure we did. Don’t forget to watch the rest.

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  1. Para cada dia hay una situaciòn diferente, El tiempo escogido por Jehovà Dios es exacto, en aquel tiempo, sin falta se realizara, no tardarà.
    No lo duden, ejerzan fè.
    Jehovà Dios, el ùnico Dios Verdadero y no miente.
    Su palabra es la verdad.
    Juan 8:32. 😀

  2. That island is my stomping ground. I'm 47 and my father used to take me there when I was your kids age. Now I take my kids there. I do hate when the sargasm weed fills the beach area. And yes the biggest problem is everyone blasting different music. I try to counter that with my system….couple thousand watts….4 subs and a lot of 7.7…all JL.

  3. LOL…Got to love the hard core Miami boater. Wait an hour to launch the boat at the ramp, 5 minute run then drop anchor at the island or sandbar. I feel ya…I am one of you. But I had to move on the water to avoid the boat ramp madness. We have the boat docked out back, we load up and go. But we are in Dania so to get to Haulover it's almost 2 hours on the ICW or if it's calm out we can run the ocean and make it in a little over an hour. But time wise I think it's a wash. You load up the boat on the trailer at home, drive to the ramp, wait an hour to launch, park the truck, etc. Probably the same 2 hours.

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