Morning Breath Show – Jaleel Skinner to The U | Miami Central 5A State Champs ? |

Miami gets top 5 TE in the Nation Jaleel Skinner to flip from Alabama to the Miami Hurricanes

Morning Breath Show – Miami is Back | Miami Central 5A State Champs


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  1. Looking forward to Mario coming in changing what’s going on at the crib. Cuz once again it’s tough when we got South Carolina kids showing that love and can see the storm we got brewing but some of our own from the crib with real cane blood wont give us a chance and quick to run off to a bama. Bama been winning with our kids for to long. They roster look like South Florida part 2. 🙌🏾 . We finally doing what we gotta do to get this thing right so I’m excited. #f***bama

  2. Florida and specifically south Florida has done a great job when it comes to getting top recruits out of there and producing them but the reality is yal still playing catch up. We on the 100 yard line an yal still on the 50 I’m being generous. Look at Georgia they light years ahead of yal seem to have the better team at times and still can’t beat Bama. Yal are average right now in a below average conference. We are the best in the best conference but congrats on Skinner I wish the kid well but just like all the other south Florida x athletes he won’t retreat his decision them boys bleed Alabama now!

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