Eating INDIAN FOOD with NATASHA SALEHI in Miami, Florida!!


As you guys probably know by now, one of my favorite things to do is to enjoy Indian food with friends. I think breaking bread over great food is the best way to bond with people. Come with me as I eat Indian food with my friend Natasha in Miami, Florida!

We’d be eating at Bombay Darbar, my favorite Indian restaurant in Miami. Natasha had eaten a few classic Indian dishes but hadn’t dived deep into the cuisine yet. We were going to change that today!


After learning a bit about Natasha’s Millennial Girls podcast, our waiter Vikasraj brought us some papadum with tomato and mint chutneys. The crispy cracker is so good, and the mint had a nice sweetness to it.

Next was the chilli paneer, which was smoky and had a nice kick but was fairly mild. I loved the sauce and the bell peppers in it! We also had some mango lassi to cool down our mouths!

Then, we jumped on the veg pakora, which came with tamarind chutney. I love tamarind chutney, and the onion flavor and crispy exterior were incredible! Then, they brought us mango chicken curry, biryani, bhindi masala, tandoori shrimp, basmati rice, raita, garlic naan, plain naan, and Peshawari naan.

The Peshawari naan was stuffed with masalas, nuts, and raisins and was nice and sweet. But the smoky tandoori shrimp were unreal! They were finger-licking good! The Peshawari naan was also incredible with the gravy from the mango chicken curry.

The mango chicken curry was sweet but not spicy, with nice, tender chunks of chicken. It paired very nicely with the garlic naan, which provided a nice contrast. Then, we jumped on the lamb rogan josh, which contained cinnamon and cardamom. I loved how savory and tender it was!

The bhindi masala was beautiful and more of a dry curry. It was so tasty and had a bit of a bitter flavor. And then, it was time to jump on the chicken biryani! The caramelized onions, cashews, and chunky chicken looked incredible!

I taught Natasha how to eat with biryani with her hands! The biryani was fragrant and nutty, wit lots of savory flavors. Then, we mixed in the raita to make it creamy. And we couldn’t help but go back to the tandoori shrimp, which were so incredible!

Next, we added some of the mango chicken curry to the biryani before dessert! First up was gulab jamun and ras malai. The gulab jamun is super sweet and drowning in a sugar syrup, while the ras malai is creamy and nutty with a bit of saffron flavor. If you eat them together, they balance each other out!

Where have you been?

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  1. No Indian Food DOES NOT come from Persian food. There may be some influences but, Indian food was/is majorly Vegetarian (which is not the case with persian food) decorated with homegrown spices.

  2. So nice to see u are such a big fan of Indian food 😍 I was thrilled to see u know almost all the names of Indian food along with ingredients. That's great.
    I love India, not just for food ,but for it's hindu culture. If u read Bhagwad Gita ,the upanishads, mantra chanting, and other hindu scriptures, I'm sure u will be so fascinated, that u will turn urself into a Hindu monk.

    Good going bro…njoy….cheers 🥂♥️♥️♥️

  3. no!! I am from that region too but what I hate the most — eating and touching food with hand — no way !! that is the most gross-ious way to eat 😁 Indians give lame and self made crappy reasoning about eating with hands there is no such scientific reasoning what so ever except all crap — use spoon plzzzzzz where its available – period !

  4. Man you are awesome 😎 like the way use your hand for eating…. And how do you enjoy this much whe eating indian foods though it's hot🥵🥵🥵…carry on and come up with lots of videos❤️❤️ luv from india

  5. Davidsbeenhere: They do use mango in curries in India; but not ripe mangoes; raw mangoes (which are a bit sour to taste). The trick is to use mangoes that are not totally raw (too sour), but ones that are on their way to ripening.

  6. Dude, Indian food does NOT come from Persian empire. There are crossovers both ways and many similarities, but both are largely unique and India is a million times diverse. You of all people should know that.

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