Newly named Miami head coach Mario Cristobal on his plans to rebuild the program | College GameDay

Miami Hurricanes head coach Mario Cristobal stops by College GameDay to discuss his arrival in Miami and his plan to rebuild the Miami Hurricanes’ football program.
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  1. Being from Oregon and watching them play under Cristobal very boring style of play , bad game management , really good recruiter, but a very overrated head coach. Honestly this was a blessing in disguise for oregon I think they will be more fun to watch. He also underachieves with the loaded roster oregon had. Basically all 4 and 5 stars getting bear down by a utah team filled with 2 and 3 stars

  2. He's a run happy coach he underutilized his QB's at Oregon (Herbert) and the present QB's along with all his receiver's. Miami fans and players watch Pittman's you tube video ( why I left Oregon) that your answer.

  3. miami aint comin back. the program is in disaray. the old days are gone. football is diffrent. i wish it werent true but it is. it would be nice for both miami and fsu to come back to what it was. but miami has money problems and facility issues. who wants to come play at a university who does not even have their own staidium. i mean why you think mark rhict left. if he cant win there then nobody can.

  4. Another Cuban full of hot air, just like the guy that was fired last week. First thing: He is a liar. No coach in the world gives 2 cents about the players' life AFTER football. He's coaching to make money and move up the ladder. End of story. So, its disappointing to here this guy give B.S. on day one.

    #2: Why did Oregon fizzle-out terribly this season? One of the worst finishes in NCAA history.

    What makes anyone believe he will not fizzle out at Miami?

    This is a repeat of the dreadful Richt hire. Richt would always win 10 games at Georgia and then fizzle out every year. Miami thought he wouldn't fizzle at their place, but Richt only got worse. At one point losing 4 consecutive games.

    The only hope for success is that Miami is supposedly going to shell out a ton of money to assistants. Cristobal is incapable of bringing success. We will have to rely on some hot shot assistants.

  5. As a Ducks fan I'm sad to see Cristobal leave but I understand why he left and I wish him luck. Cristobal was one of the best coaches we had at Oregon in my opinion.

  6. I'm happy with the hire and finally a strong commitment to football with Mario, Dan and a bank roll. Will this work? Who knows but it's the best step we have taken in 20 years. I didn't like the way Manny was strung out at the end but if I were UM president I would have fired Manny after the FSU game. That was inexcusable. Maybe Manny's termination will light a fire under his behind so he can see his errors like it did with Lane Kiffin at USC. I wish Manny the best. Just don't bring out the turnover chain until your team proves it's worthy. You made it not mean much at the "U".

  7. Slimy Mario went behind Oregon's back and basically disengaged from his players before the Utah game. Mario's handling of leaving Oregon wasn't what he demands from his players "accountability, telling the truth, an all in attitude". Miami did NOT contact Oregon when talks started. Miami still had a coach. SLIMY. Karma is a ……. Cane fans.

  8. Manny made poor decisions , not identifying the more talented players where on the bench and playing mediocre Jr's & Sr's. Manny was forced to play underclassmen he didn't do it buy choice. His defense failed . Mario has talent on the team right now . He has QB's TVD, Jake Garica and incoming Jacurri Brown to work with and TE 's and RB's & WR's . Get faster more Athletic at Linebacker we have Safeties and sure up CB & DE's . Now install that mentality toughness . 7 and 5 with a slow start. We can win 10 games next year.

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