Justin Fields on his performance vs Dolphins | Chicago Bears

Quarterback Justin Fields meets with the media following the Bears’ 20-13 preseason victory over the Miami Dolphins.

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  1. I changed my mine im not promoting my home town bears any team for that matter after hearing the consistent killings but now cops and kids nope not supporting bears, and the mayor needs to resign!

  2. Some football analysts says he can’t read defenses, and that he throws to his first option. But after watching film on Justin Fields its not that he throws to his first option. This guy throws to the open player that most QB’s miss! He literally sees what we see while sitting at home watching the game on tv! How many times have we as fans said “Damn! That guy was open on/up the sideline!?” Justin sees those often missed open guys running free b/c he’s so calm in the pocket! This isn’t normal people! If he can stay healthy we may be looking at a young 🐐 in the making!!

  3. You hear football analysts say (Figuratively) “Young players have to learn how to slow the game down” Well this guy does it literally! I have never seen a quarterback this calm… It’s almost like he’s out there practicing?? He was the same way at Ohio State! He makes the game look so easy almost as if he’s on the field by himself, This why he said it didn’t seem fast paced on the field…🐻👇🏾

  4. It’s crazy how the sports media tried to sell that false narrative on this kid not being a hard worker or not being nfl ready. They tried to ruin his draft status and he’s clearly bright, articulate and immensely talented. Congrats Chicago! You have a QB for the future. You’re not going to the Super Bowl this year so quiet over thinking the decision and start Justin Fields now!!!!

  5. Every team on the Bears 2021 schedule is looking at tape of this game. Imagine what Fields will do when he develops chemistry with the starting lineup.

  6. the fact that he just turned 22 yet handles the media so well is amazing. I remember back in the days , many young athletes had to get "media training". Btw, i think we need to relax with the "make him the starter" request. Im assuming the ones who keep saying this are half-assed Bears fans. Cause any real hard core Bears fan, that understand that we have a unproven OL, and a top 3 worse schedule in the entire NFL , wouldnt be so thirsty. yall tryna get Justin sent to IR early?

  7. You all. He looked way better in person. He was posed. And calm even from being down. And backed up. You could see He was confident in the line he had. But he also had a play count in his head. He only took off about 6 seconds with the ball. And throw it(side arm) or ran. Never lost yards 💪

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