Khabib Nurmagomedov presents Eagle FC at Miami press conference

Khabib Nurmagomedov presents his MMA promotion Eagle FC in Miami, Florida, where the organization will host its first event on American soil on January 28th. The Eagle FC 44 card will feature fighters with UFC experience including Rashad Evans, Ray Borg, Renan Barao, Cody Gibson, and others. It is expected that Khabib will announce the entire fight card and some big signings.

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00:00 Introducing Khabib Nurmagomedov and the panel
02:19 How Khabib feels about being a promoter
03:39 What makes Eagle FC different from other MMA promotions
04:28 Eagle FC 44, making a home in Miami and future plans
06:59 Alan McGlade on FLX arena and FLX media
09:23 How to watch Eagle FC 44 on
11:25 Rizvan on becoming Eagle FC CEO
14:11 Why did Miami become the base for Eagle FC?
15:51 Tech projects for the future
17:23 Eliot Tawil on bringing NYC flare to Miami
18:42 Khabib’s message to Dana White
19:04 ‘We’re not here to sell Irish whiskey’
20:35 Welcoming Eagle FC 44 fighters
24:02 Will Hasbulla make an Eagle FC appearance?
24:57 Tyrone Spong on his fighting Sergei Kharitonov
25:50 Sergei Kharitonov on coming to Eagle FC
27:30 ‘Suga’ Rasha Evans on coming out of retirement
28:46 Why did Tyrone Spong return to MMA?
30:00 Rashad Evans on being a part of Eagle FC
31:17 Sergei Kharitonov on his experience
33:31 Tyrone Spong on having his opponent changed
34:45 Sergeiy Kharitanov’s on his size
35:27 What is Rashad Evans looking for in an opponent?
37:43 Why Khabib signed Sergei Kharitanov, Tyrone Spong, and Rashad Evans
39:35 What fans can expect from the fighters
42:17 Welcoming Kevin Lee to Eagle FC
47:40 Tyrone Spong on sharing a card with his friend Rashad Evans
48:37 Eagle FC 44 commentary and broadcast team
49:14 How can fighters sign to Eagle FC
50:17 What weight divisions will Eagle FC have?
52:17 Eagle FC ‘BMF’ Belt
54:03 Kevin Lee going from Khabib’s potential opponent to Eagle FC
57:08 Junior dos Santos to Eagle FC?
01:00:02 Eagle FC going into boxing?

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  1. I thought MMA was HARAM ????? now he is not religious lol ……..what the f**K, now he is not offended ….making money piece of shit rat ..only bring religion and culture where the are losing …not where they are making money

  2. They will pay enough to entice most of elite fighters around the world , including from Ufc ,that will cancel their contact with ufc to come to khabib s promotion. I heard that most willbe paid with crypto .

  3. Хабиб брат подержи нашего брата бесо руставского он идёт за правду и человечество против этой гнилой мусорской системы ! Посмотри ГУЛАГу нет там эти шайтаны насилуют поцанов и рвут КОРАН ! Дай подножку хабиб

  4. The most important thing is the money Like Tyrone said many times before. Pay him a good salary and he shows up. All these guys taking so much risk. How on hell can you fight for 50,000 usd lol. Add another 0 behind it or give these guys a minimum of 1,000,0000 per fight win or lose. That will help a lot

  5. This may start off as slow however I like the format of the layout of the eagle show. UFC Went WWE. Really people who want to just see fighting will go with the eagle 🦅. Remember what it was like before 'nurds & virgens. Point is don't want bs just to see who's the better person on that day.

  6. I hope the Eagle FC fighters get paid more than the UFC fighters and show up the UFC then the best fighter's will want to sign for Eagle FC and not the UFC. This will be big fighters get good money and khabib making big money. Well done khabib please make a fight leauge for people like hasbulla to fight in.

  7. Sorry luck could be you ain't got my my blessing you're not going to make it it's a spirit that pushes fighters and your spirit is so f**** just such a like just like you're such a b** dude you're liking abortion dude your spirit is like an abortion that your whole vibe defeats the purpose of the whole atmosphere dude

  8. I wish there was a MMA Gym where they checked your school/college grades. When I went into Jiu Jitsu it kinda sucked I was being matched up by people who were practicing 24/7 while I was slaving away at home studying.

  9. I think it would be really cool to see him take 6 months or so to really perfect his English, and I think it would help for him to be taken more seriously on the business end of things if he’s going to do this in the USA instead of Russia. For all the criticism Dana White gets, you have to realize that his personality and charisma played a big role in the success of the UFC, and if we had a fluent Khabib we would be able to see a lot more of his personality come through when he’s speaking.

  10. Здравствуйте я не знаю видите вы этот комент или нет я хотел спросить. Я начал свои тренировки в 11-класс и мне говорят что уже поздно и ты не станешь чемпионом по смешенных единоборств я хотел спросить что мне стало поздно или я могу стать чемпионом?

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