Hangover Time Postgame Show | Miami Heat 118 vs Chicago Bulls 92 (12/11/21)

Welcome welcome welcome to our new post game show! Hangover Time hosted by Alf and joined by Tiffany Meeks, Alex Musibay, Kenny Spence, Franky …


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  1. Herro never hustles back when he turns the ball over! A few times the other players ran down the court to play hard defense while Herro was chillin' watching everyone bust they behinds!
    That needs to be addressed.

  2. Ira is consistently stupid. Dumb fucking questions. Kenny should have his own bit… on Ira. It would be hilarious AND bring some attention to how BAD IRA is for the game. Kenny’s wifi is perfect for β€˜IRA, The Ring R’. Call the bit: The Basketball Ring. (Ted Cruz).

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