Miami Hurricanes Highlights vs Pittsburgh

Miami recovers from a 4 game skid with a dominating home win over the Pittsburgh Panthers


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  1. when you watch some of these games from 2016 with a new coach, defense outstanding, play makers on offense, but the fans still didn't have the heart to support but they had the mouths to complain….and stadium seats still empty….smdh

  2. Idk how I feel about this. Where was all of this during the 4 games?? A win is good but I'm still disappointed that this shit wasn't shown during the last 4 games. Unacceptable but I'll take a W.

  3. Its a damn shame that there were only like 35k people there. Fanbase is terrible af. CMR begging people to go to the game and they STILL dont show up. if you live anywhere near Miami and dont go to the games, then screw you. You aint no real Cane in my book.

  4. Man I almost forgot how it felt to win lol…. and I got to witness this in person for the first time this season! Pitt ran a lot of funky runs that confused our young LBs in the first half but we made adjustments well. #Ufamily

  5. the defense only gave up 21.. kaaya is getting protected and getting rid of the ball way faster.. idk what they changed on the o-line in the second half of the ND game but it working. great signs so far

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