Driver 1 Playthrough Miami, Part 2

Driver You are the Wheelman playthrough, D-Games stands for DinizGames, my username,

Im playing on the emulator ePSXe, expect some slowdowns at times,
Enjoy episode 1, playtrough Miami,


Released in 1999 Driver was a hit on the original Playstation, also one of the first open world games,
I played Driver back in 1999/2000 on the ps1, one of the most memorable games on the system, after its success, the series got 2 more sequels and 2 spin-offs

Note: Its been some months since i last played Driver, so don’t expect the best and more skilled driving out there…

Note 2: The music you hear at the D-Games intro is the Driver San Francisco theme song,


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  1. Ahhh…..still remember it..after i finish the game i tried to drive properly.stop at light,acting like i have a indicator(tiktoktiktok),give AI way,night cruising,drifting in middle of intersection for no reason,pit manuever AI for no reason again,doing chase and hitting the brakes so the cops can wreck themself,trying to do flips,forcing AI to crash,and trying to make my own story like park on random person house acting like*honey..i'm home lot of work today,then just park there waiting for morning like i was the car*.now driver san fransisco doesn't even have night,that is dissapointing.hope the next driver will have nights again.sorry if i spell somthin'wrong too lazy to fix it.

  2. The subtle reflection/shine of the car surface at night was a nice touch. Always thought night driving looked way cooler. The bridge area was the best part! My cousin and I used to just race to that spot and get police cars to glitch out like crazy. The best thing was when a police car would land on it's side and you'd land right on top of it after a jump. They bounce up and do insane flips! The Driver series always had weird physics glitches like that that made the game more fun.

  3. No eres el único, ahora que he jugado muchos juegos siento que éste es una porquería, sin embargo, lo que me une a él, son todos esos recuerdos que me trae a la mente, jajaja y apuesto que a ti también

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