Miami Hurricanes football updates Manny Diaz buyout FAKE NEWS let’s scare MARIO CRISTOBAL away

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  1. All you do is complain about Manny Diaz, you keep saying he is a bad coach and you never put any of that bad game play on the players. Maybe trying to push someone out will bring in someone bad.
    What top coach is coming to Miami and bringing a good staff with him?

  2. As a black man born in Georgia…. raised in the sun shine love the U…..if this was the titanic I would have jumped ship long time ago this s….t crazy… T2Y keep doing what you doing ….I need a drink

  3. Wtf would Cristobal want to leave one of the premier programs in college football for this dumpster fire!? Doesn’t matter that he went to school there, who cares! Miami hasn’t been relevant for 3 decades! Mario is building something special at Oregon and he is t going anywhere! Besides that Miami is NOT firing Diaz! Period! Keep up will ya!?

  4. So boycott the hurricanes then. If us as fans want real change, then don’t go to the games next season. Don’t support them in ANY way. If manny is still here. Fire manny Diaz or else…🤬😡😠

  5. OK canes fans we have reached the end of another season, and what have we accomplish not very much, A bowl game yes but was that our expectation for this season. To go 7 & 5 every one of us will say he’ll to the naw,naw,naw 10 & 1 was my expectation and once again we under achieve our goal. So now what, where do we go from here. Some say keep manny others say fire manny will it make any difference either way if we hire a new coach it will be two maybe three years to reach our goal if we keep many it may take one or two years more to reach a goal. To build a successful program takes time you cannot get overnight success it doesn’t work that way so whether you keep Manny or fire manny The end results will be the same TIME It’s going to take time to bring relevancy to the university of Miami this is your boy DW from deep in the dirty south love the U go canes. P.S. I am patience how many of you are.

  6. Good video! There is alit of Fake News out there, and it could be possible that if Manny gets let go, that he and his "friends" will still fight for the coaching job.
    I used to be for Manny coming back and coaching the team, but I realized that despite the winning record for the second half of the season, there are still too many holes which to me ultimately tie back to coaching. I give him credit for making changes when other coaches wouldn't, but at the end of the day, he is holding back the team. He needs training at Temple for taking on something this big

  7. Well it is a shit show, but as a great doctor once told about a very ill patient and I commented oh thats bad. He said it's only bad if you can't fix it. Well yes Miami is bad but it can be fixed. Let's get our new AD in let him get his staff in and move forward. As of now I say let's keep Manny one more year and see how it goes.

  8. Hurricanes Twitter space is starting to get poisonous though. You have to take heed what your listening to. Know when you're listening to fans and know when you're listening to real media specialists.

  9. First and most importantly who will fire Manny today or the way its going in the next week. We have no AD and what kind of a message will you send a potential new AD by firing a coach that went 7-5 and is going to a bowl game. Especially with the bigger funded schools already picking off all the top candidates already. I'm starting think we best get an AD on place let him settle in he has lots to fix not just football. Then let Manny see if he can improve next season if not fire him then.

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