Miami Dolphins Rookies Are Kicking Ass And Having Fun

Tobin and Leroy react to Jaelan Phillips evalution of his rookie year and learn the origin of the Waddle

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  1. I say Stephen Ross should apologize he’s da biatch that was storming the troops for destiny Watson going to jail man. I say this team was a different team after week 2 until trade deadline and Flores was pissed Ross was medaling

  2. I remember not being too impressed with Devin White his first 10 games, but his next six things seemed to slow down for him and he started showing flashes making plays…then year two he blew up…let’s hope Phillips does the same

  3. Tua is the future in Miami If they let him go it would be a big mistake, he is getting better with every game they need to build around him fix the OL and get a solid RB.

  4. WE ARE ONE GAME FROM THE 7 SPOT to make the playoffs!! Chris Grier and Flo hit on this draft class. Ever since Holland & Jones developed. This defense is # 1 in the last 4 games. They are blitzing and very physical at the line of scrimmage. Right there the defense change. They are using Baker to rush the quarterback from the edge spot and that makes sense because he is lightning-fast for linebacker. They really hit on this draft class and our weapons has not played one game together. And TUA is getting much better and they are using him kind of like how they did in Alabama.

  5. Just like it's hard to compare Tua and Herbert…..totally different situations, totally different QB's, totally different schemes. Just love the one you're with, quit trying to compare, and rejoice in the fact that this team is playing really well right now.

  6. The thing that scares is me is where was this team 3 weeks ago? We cant do this every year. We looked amazing vs The Panthers but we need to figure out how and why this team went 1-7.

  7. I HATE that this show still mentions Robbie. He was the single reason why I stopped listening to the show a few months ago, only came back when I found out he was taken off the show, but someone his ghost still haunts the show. Take it from me and dozens of opinions on here we don't want to hear a damn word about Robbie whether he's wrong or right (he's always wrong) we just don't want to hear his name. Like why is he still such a presence on the show? He doesn't add anything. I understand varying opinions but he doesn't give opinions he just immediately jumps to the opposite of what others says, his "opinions" aren't based in facts. So please SHUT THE FUCK UP ANOUT ROBBIE!

  8. This is a young team in the second year of a rebuild. Last season’s ten win season had myself and others expecting the sophomores and rookies to fire out of the gate, but it took time to gel.

  9. I told everyone phillips is gonna be special !!! …people started writing him off ….those spin moves are the more fluid ones you will ever see !!!! …oh , he can also push offensive lineman out of the way !!!! …complete player . only thing that concerns me is him staying healty …and that is all .

  10. Our first 3 picks have panned out nicely. Hoping we stay healthy to try and make a playoff spot, that’s right I said PLAYOFF SPOT. The AFC is not too top heavy this year…

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