UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts Cam Newton benched after 2 INT as Miami Dolphins def. Carolina Panthers

UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts Cam Newton benched after 2 INT as Miami Dolphins def. Carolina Panthers


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  1. So it just happens cam Newton and Lamar Jackson have horrible nights when they played the Dolphins…nothing to do with the Dolphins defense at all. Xavien Howard, Ogbah, Wilkins, jaelan Phillips, Jevon Holland, Byron Jones, Jerome baker, van ginkel, Eric Rowe, Brandon Jones, Justin Coleman, Raekwon Davis, duke riley, elandon roberts, Brennan Scarlett they all non factors right? Lol if U think about it they don’t have one bad player except maybe Byron jones

  2. Iv been a fan of Cam since he been drafted this is painful and hurts like hell. I'm a die hard fan this sucks. Ruins my day I seriously want him to finish strong and not be done. Iv grown up looking up to him watching him play my whole childhood. Im devastated smh he hasn't deserved all that has happened to him it's not fair he's a good guy.

  3. Maybe Cam Newton stinking it up wouldn't be as big of a deal, if Cam wasn't running around acting like he's Gods gift to Football. They should use Cam in a Taysom Hill role, a Gimmick player, with special plays. Then he may be successful . I'm so sick of Cam excuses, if he was even half as good as he believes he is, he'd be winning every game. Oh, but this, oh but that. I'm as sick of Cam apologists as I am with Baker Mayfield apologists or idiots that think Colin Kaepernick was a Great QB. Everything is different in the NFL when Teams have Tape and know your abilities, predilections, and can game plan against you. That's when the Great QBs and great Coaches get to be known. 1-2 Good seasons in the NFL is a great achievement, but it doesn't make anyone a forever talent.

  4. So instead of say "wow we could be seeing an all time great Defensive performance" you just changed the channel. I guess that explains why they only quote states instead of key moments 8n games when it comes to certain teams. But oh we will report on Dallas every day of the week

  5. 9 QB rating in the game for Cam, this guy doesn't think it's a big deal.
    I love how these Tua hatting idiots can't give Miami credit for the win.
    Tua is over 80% completions in the last 4 games (wins) and they still can't handle it because they said he sucked last year and this year without ever looking at that horrible O-line or last years horrible receivers and O-line, they are clueless about football but keep up their hatting stories at all cost.

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