Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle Make The Miami Dolphins So Much Fun

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  1. For the most part the difference is Tua. When he’s not there the offense takes a nose dive. And when we lost with him the defense was playing terrible. Idk what changed for the D but I l like it

  2. Tobin I am with you 💯. Loving the “Waddle waddle “! Yes it IS the best celebration dance and he needs to keep it! I loved how the teammates got in on it too! It’s gonna be a thing! And yes to the penguins with the Waddle jersey! 😂😂😂🐬🆙

  3. I disagree about Chad. He left hated. Chad had the rep of Tua. He was accurate. He was especially accurate when he demolished the Dolphins that one game as a Jet. I would like to add Kachava tastes like sh*t. It sure reads like very healthy but don't be fooled about these liars about the taste. I am taking it and don't regret it but it tastes like sh*t.

  4. 1st gear is numerical lower then 3rd gear meaning if traction was not an issue you would accelerate faster in first gear then in third. Anyone who knows any thing about Motorsports would understand the reference. You guys are wrong

  5. One thing to take into consideration is that Byron Jones and Xavien Howard were banged up early in the season. That cover 0 scheme relies heavily on being able to leave guys on an island, which would have been an even bigger risk than it already is when they were out or playing hurt

  6. Gearing down makes the car jump quicker.. just fyi… going from 1 to 3 would almost stop your car… come on guys.. you guys are too old not to know how gears work.. you could say 1 to 2 but down shifting can speed up your car … I know you guys are sports guys and not car guys but Rose said it correctly

  7. Brian Flores needs to stay calling plays on defense and Godsey has started calling plays to no extra hands in the offensive play calling, we experimented to much in the beginning of the season

  8. You know what the beginning of the season was? Because they were focused on trade and Watson and all that stuff that cannot help them this season and let that consume the beginning of their season instead of COACHING and doing what they suppose to be doing with who is there right now!!!!! SIMPLE!!! Plus Flores did not care to coach the defense how its suppose to cuz they were on a thing to sabotage the season and make Tua look BAD!

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