Players and Coach Flores meet with the media following Sunday's game | Miami Dolphins

Players and Coach Flores meet with the media following our Week 12 game against the Panthers.


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  1. This game was a perfect example of what I've stated in previous weeks……Tua can be elite if the offense plays a short to intermediate pass game. His accuracy is his biggest value. Short crisp passes combined with a decent running game is the key to his success. Occasionally a blown assignment will create longer pass plays…..but don't rely on his arm down field. That's not his game. Waddle played his best game yesterday. His routes were perfect for Tua to succeed. Thumbs up to the running game……key yards and kept chains moving. Fighting for that extra yard is so crucial… was nice to see the running game compliment the passing game. I've stated continuously…..Tua isn't going to succeed in the league if people expect him to throw darts down field. That's not his game. He's got excellent accuracy and good touch on short to intermediate passes. He can be one of the best if he's given this narrative. He's deceptively quick in his movements. He hides and exchanges his hands well in play action….. something few Dolphin quarterbacks have excelled at over the years…..even Marino didn't have Tuas ability in play action. Tua is quick with his hands at the line of scrimmage. Marino had a rediculously fast release….. especially on deep passes. Tua is much more mobile and effective within 10 to 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. If the Dolphins add a few pieces to their offensive line and find a sturdy young running back that can wear down a defense….then Tua has everything he needs. Waddle and Gesicki work perfectly for this scheme. It's not all about long touchdown passes…'s about knowing your quarterback and what pieces work to make his game the very best it can be. Changing topics…..this Miami defense is the best in the NFL when they hold their assignments. Holland has grown and is playing with great confidence. The entire secondary is balling out as a unit. Blitzing doesn't feel scary anymore. Earlier this season I cringed when they blitzed…. thinking…."OMG… somebody is going to be wide open……we are going to pay for this blitz'. Now we are hitting the QB…..and because of the blitz packages guys like Phillips and Ogbah have gotten to the QB regularly.

  2. Just got to the Phillip Lindsay portion of this and I absolutely love everything he had to say. And I already liked how he ran on super limited preparation. I like gaskin and all but I can see Lindsay taking the rb1 spot.

  3. I am buying a Jevon Holland jersey today. His performance on the field is great. His answers in these pressers and general demeanor and attitude toward the game really make me like the guy as well. Seems high character. Love to see it!

  4. I see a difference even in the way they all are carrying themselves in these pressers. There’s a whole lot more confidence from everyone. The end of the season is going to be interesting.

  5. Great game Defense is playing real well!!!! Tua is doing a great job!!!! Waddle is exciting to watch!!!! This team is Motivitated and Focused And taking one game at a time!!!! Been a fan for many years and I like what I am enjoying the Excitement the compassion and no give up in this team!!!! Love My Dolphins!!!! Lets go Phins!!!!!

  6. It’s official we are only 2 back guys out of the 7 seed at 5-7…. The 7 seed has a 7-5 record now. We have 5 games remaining, it’s on now we are 100% in the mix. My prediction we make playoffs hands down. We will not lose another game if we play like this guaranteed. Let’s go 🐬🐬🐬

  7. Awesome team win! Listening to Lindsay talk about protecting QB, work ethic, blocking, and his family almost brought a tear to my eye. His block setup Tua's throw to Waddle for 57 yards. Lindsay is a real one!

  8. I'm being serious here. Do we still have a chance of making playoffs if we continue to win? Will a loss take us out? I'm not good at all the different scenarios so I'm asking a legit question. I don't need anyone telling me I'm an idiot for asking lol

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