Ocean Drive! Biking on South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida: HD Action Camera

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  1. South Beach is a shithole. It used to be cool from about 96 to around 2009. There isn't much to do anymore, there's a lot of abandoned property because businesses couldn't afford the rent due to lack of tourism. There is a huge homeless and drug addict problem. All the major nightclubs are gone and the downtown and Brickell area took a lot of business as well. Parking is a scam and people get towed all the time especially unknowing tourists who think they found a geeat spot turns out to be a zone space. Tourists don't return because they came and saw it wasn't what was sold to them, the old South Beach full of clubs and insanely busy. It's full of people who really couldn't make it wherever they were before, addicts, prostitutes or people who come their to live a crazy life.
    Save your money and don't go there. I lived and had property there for 13 years. I saw the rise and fall, so stay away.

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