Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa vs. New York Jets

#MiamiDolphins quarterback #Tua Tagovailoa completed 27/33 passes for 273 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception in Sunday’s 24-17 WIN over the New York Jets.

Here’s a look at every pass (I think) from this game. #FINSUP

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  1. When #2 caught the ball at about the 3:40 mark of this video the referee decides to throw the flag way after the receiver left the defender. Only then the referee threw the flag when the receiver caught the ball. That tells u that the referee was trying to throw the game.

  2. You know… you can always increase arm strength. Tua also never puts everything he can into his throws because his mechanics don't let him. But Don't break down something that works.

  3. Miami just needs to let this guy develop. He has not been terrible when he ha been healthy. He's looked like a young player at times but so does every young QB. Stop playing games with him and let this play out.

  4. Funny how everyone was on Tua's nutz when he was making those deep ball throws in Bama and now ya saying he can't throw deep balls only short passes and even if he make deep passes ya saying he under throw or the WR gotta wait for the ball but ya forgot bout that deep ball for the championship game against Georgia it went over D. Smith cuz that's when Tua didn't have no hip injury cuz when you throw the ball you gotta turn your hip and that's why now i'm pretty sure it's kinda hard for him to throw that deep but he's getting there 🤦🏻‍♂️ IDGAF what anybody says I still believe in Tua💯

  5. 0:45 The LG is Austin Jackson (#73). Watch him and understand why our O-line is so terrible! I just picked a random play, but he is this incompetent and hopeless on virtually every play. He has no idea what he's doing out there. It's ridiculous that Grier hasn't been fired yet!

  6. Instead of trading for Watson, Miami should be using the same picks they were planning to give up, and instead get 2 top tier O-linemen. It's ridiculous that they are making him go out there every week and play with that horseshit pack of losers they call an Offensive Line. Austin Jackson should be traded for a soda machine!

  7. Leads the NFL in 4th Quarter yds and completion %.
    It's Not How you start…the Game….or the Season……It's How You Finish. Running the Table.
    FinsUp to Finishing Strong!
    (that's what she said)
    17-0 Forever!😉🌅🐬

  8. As a fan of Tua’s from HS
    I can see he’s mentally coming along in terms of ability post injury and honestly I’ve said it time and again when Tua gets closer to 💯 percent he’ll prove his potential as the franchise QB
    Now whether or not a full recovery from that injury is possible only time will tell if Miami can continue to build they will not regret their decision to build around Tua

  9. Damn Tua also threw like a 33 yard pass that went 30 yards in the air but the Offensive Line got called for a penalty (holding) smh.. He would had thrown for over 300 yards they Robbed Tua smh

  10. Tua's getting better and better every week. He's stepping up in the pocket real nice. I would like to see Miami commit to running the ball. If they can get some type of running game, it will open things up even more.

  11. Jesus, tua has a decent at best game against the garbage jets and these dolphins fans are going crazy over him. Nothing special, as a dolphins fan, I want better. We deserve it after 20 years of bullshit.

  12. We will never confuse Tua with Dan Marino but that 65 yard pass to Mack Hollins was epic. Marino used to do that all the time when he had Duper and Clayton. God I miss those days. As much as I loved Don Shula his legacy has to take a hit for not getting Marino back to the Super Bowl. Dan Marino was the greatest pure passer in NFL history.

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