Detectives return missing teen to family in North Miami Beach

A missing South Florida teen who was located in another state was returned home to her family Monday night.


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  1. This is very serious this girl could have got her life taken away from her and what is going on with her parents for this girl just walk away like that 😐 this young girl ought to know better to do something like that you just going to pack your bags and get your cell phone and just walk away from your family not letting them know what you doing you not grown you're not grown and you could have lost your life 👎 better be glad you're not my child cuz you will be stripped down from everything phone computer anything that's contacting anybody you don't deserve to have any kind of computer activities because you don't know how to act and I hope when you get grown you use better judgment 🤔👍 my heart will be broken if I knew my daughter walked off with a stranger 🤔😡😠😤 my heart go out to her family and I hope they get these criminals that walked off with your child 🤔

  2. I thank my kid wasn't that bright to walk off with a stranger and go to another State. It is something wrong going on in my family for my child to do something like that or she just plain crazy 🤔 and the moron that took his girl off need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law ⚖️👍👮🚓🚨 I swear you got to watch your kids cuz you never know what they up to 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I know one thing my child wouldn't ever see a computer until she get grown 🤔😤😡

  3. 1. Teach your children how Dangerous it is to go with anyone you meet online 2. Parents should learn how to monitor their child computer (yes spying) The parents of this child should be giving Glory to God that their child made it back home safe, a lot don't.

  4. "Blame Game"
    The mother knows more. She's using the language barrier to distance herself from accountability, also something about the way she's holding on to that phone…
    The cops need to go at her hard; play her or break her down. Pull her phone records starting with who pays for it. Maybe she gave constent initially? I wonder if that's really the girl's mother, if they've verified that girl is 15, or even who the hell she is with this one picture. Older, no one cares. Younger, different investigation/consequences. She's 15, has a phone, a face on her skull, thumbs, talks to random dudes online, and her mom has as many pictures of her as we do? Maybe she's pregnant and the family is deflecting with the
    "video game mystery dude" did it.
    Somebody close to this case knows more. Seems too close to trafficking.
    Glad she's home. I hope she rat's.

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