Coach Flores meets with the media | Miami Dolphins

Hear from Coach Flores as the team prepares for the Giants.

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  1. Man just one elite reciever changes the whole offensive with what they have now plus fuller or Parker. Man no more double coverage for geisiki. Money all game with some slant routes and go routes. Forget the curls for 3 yards. And stop so many silly play action calls.setup shotgun two steps back eyes down field and let our best recievers go one on one. Time to risk it. Have to blow New York out early.

  2. What I got from listening to this is : We (coaches) are ALL friends! Our wives hang out and shop together. Blah blah blah. How about building a better staff that don’t suck every year in the first half! Run the ameba defense (Cover Zero) that got us to 10-6 last year and now a 4 game win streak. Just think where we would be if we hadn’t lost to sorry teams like Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Indy (when they were 0–4).

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